Janet Biehl has always gone against the prevailing fashions. Born in 1953 in Cincinnati, Ohio, she did not join the radical movements of the 1960’s like many of her peers. On the contrary, she describes herself as ‘rather straight’ during this time.

However, in early 1970’s, when many were abandoning cultural radicalism, Biehl was inspired by avant-garde performance groups such as the Living Theater and subsequently completed a degree in theater at Wesleyan University.

The desire to become an actress led her to New York City, where Biehl began to turn to radical theory and politics. Although the New Left was now a thing of the past, the election of Ronald Reagan and her growing disenchantment with the arts made this a natural choice.

While pursuing an MA in liberal arts at the CUNY graduate center, she became aware of Murray Bookchin’s work and attended the Institute for Social Ecology in 1986.

Bookchin’s work helped Biehl articulate her radical commitments with a new fullness. Shortly thereafter she moved to Burlington, Vermont, to work more closely with Bookchin and became his companion and closest collaborator. She lives and works with him to this day, making her living as a freelance copy editor. Unlike many of her generation - whose lives constitute a long retreat from youthful radicalism - Biehl has gone consistently in the opposite direction.


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